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Why DeleteMe?

More than 20% of the Fortune 500 largest enterprises and dozens of government agencies rely on DeleteMe to address the cybersecurity gap posed by availability of employees’ personal identifiable information (PII) on the publicly exposed and open web.

  • Your public-facing employees have their home address and affiliations exposed online by activists, angry customers, and other bad actors.

  • Your executives & board members are targeted and harassed online by cybercriminals, activists, and ex-employees who use family member personal data to get to them.

  • Your individual contributors’ personal email addresses and mobile numbers are used to socially engineer their way into enterprise systems.

DeleteMe Business Privacy Data Removal

It’s time to ask: Is this happening at your organization?

Gartner Identifies the Top Cybersecurity Trends for 2023
"Security Leaders Must Pivot to a Human-Centric Focus to Establish an Effective Cybersecurity Program"
Source: Gartner Identifies the Top Cybersecurity Trends for 2023, published April 12, 2023

How Does DeleteMe Take a Human Approach to Privacy Protection and Cybersecurity?


Employees, Executives, and Board Members Complete a Quick Sign-Up


DeleteMe Scans for Exposed Information


Opt-Out and Removal Requests Begin


Initial Privacy Report Shared and Ongoing Reporting Initiated


DeleteMe Provides Continuous Privacy Protection and Service All Year

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