The Business Risk of Employee Personal Info Online

A Review and Discussion of DeleteMe's 2023 PII Exposure Risk Report

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This on-demand webinar produced in collaboration with CIO / Foundry summarizes recent DeleteMe research into workforce data exposure trends, including increases in unwanted personal data on data broker websites, its impact on the changing cybersecurity environment, and how it feeds into other forms of employee, executive, and company reputational risk. 

This lively webcast recording hosted by CIO Moderator Sara Kirk covers:

  • The landscape and scale of exposed employee personal info online
  • Accessibility of U.S. employee and executive personal info via social media and data broker aggregation 
  • The unique role "people search" sites and data brokers play in the U.S. vs. internationally 
  • How personal data is being leveraged to drive fraud, ransomware attacks, and reputational attacks on organizations
  • How different industries are responding to the changing threat landscape
  • What to expect from new privacy and PII regulation and enforcement actions in 2023, and in the future

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  • Rob Shavell CEO & Co-Founder
  • John Gilmore Head of Research
  • Sara Kirk CIO Moderator

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The average American has 500+ pieces of sensitive personal data available from online sources.

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