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Rachel Tobac

SocialProof Security

Rob Shavell

Co-Founder and CEO


Personal Data's Role in Enterprise Social Engineering Attacks

The internet's erosion of control over personal information has contributed to an explosion of new forms of business risk. Whether it’s ransomware attacks, automated credential-stuffing hacks, corporate spoofing campaigns, or executive identity theft, readily available personal data scraped from public sources or purchased from data brokers feeds into them all.

Recorded Jan 2023 Anytime Virtual

For executives and employees who are more public-facing; doxxing or other threats meant to intimidate or extort the individual can also lead to reputational damage for the business as a whole.

In this webinar, privacy expert Rob Shavell, CEO of DeleteMe, and ethical hacker Rachel Tobac, CEO of SocialProof Security share:

  • Why individuals are losing control of their digital identities and how that’s driving business risk
  • The latest techniques hackers are employing for highly targeted phishing and other social engineering attacks (without using any code)
  • How new AI-based technology like facial recognition and voice cloning will open up new pathways for bad actors
  • What combination of strategies will keep executives and employees safe to mitigate risk for both the individuals and the business